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Hong Kong Podiatrists Association


足病診療師協會 (Hong Kong Podiatrists Association) 成立於1989年,並於1990年向政府正式註冊。 本協會由一班合乎各國衛生局註冊條件兼擁有國際認可臨床資格的足病診療師組成。 足病診療師協會成立的目的是希望藉著組織有系統地推廣及促進市民的腳部健康。並且透過嚴謹的會則及評核來對各會員的專業水準給予肯定。同時亦就各會員的專業操守作出適當的監管,給予公眾專業服務的信心。

The Hong Kong Podiatrists Association (HKPodA) was established in 1989. It is a registered statutory professional society for all podiatrists in Hong Kong since 1990. HKPodA is an association of a group of qualified Podiatrists with internationally recognised clinical training and diversified specialization. The standard of our members are guarded by stringent rules and professional codes. Our Association is dedicated to promote and ensure foot health to the general public. 

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