The Hong Kong Podiatrists Association (HKPodA) was established in 1989. It is a registered statutory professional society for all podiatrists in Hong Kong since 1990.

HKPodA is an association of a group of qualified Podiatrists with internationally recognised clinical training and diversified specialization. The standard of our members are guarded by stringent rules and professional codes. Our Association is dedicated to promote and ensure foot health to the general public.

Podiatry is a discipline highly specialized in the medical treatment of the foot. The Podiatrists provide a comprehensive one-stop service to people suffering from various foot ailments. They are trained to examine, diagnose and prescribe preventive and therapeutic foot treatment aiming to facilitate independent ambulation and improve quality of life.

Podiatrists play an important and active role in care of high risk foot pathologies e.g. diabetes mellitus, arthritis conditions, foot deformities, foot ulcerations, chronic foot pain, flat foot conditions etc . We offer reliable alternative care for people who prefer conservative treatment than invasive surgery

Service Areas

Our scope of service includes direct clinical treatment, prescription of therapeutic foot appliances, and topical medication. The most common foot conditions treated in Podiatric surgery includes:

1) Nail Pathologies
-Ingrowing toenail (onychocryptosis)
-Fungal infected toenail (onychomycosis)
-Thickened deformed toenail (onychauxis)
-Nail bed ulceration (subungual ulcer)
-Nail bed haematoma (subungual haematoma) etc

2) Skin Pathologies
-Corn and callus
-Fungal infection (Altheles'Feet) and related dermatoses
-Warts (Verruca)
-Skin ulcerations
-Hyperkeratotic skin
-Skin fissuring
-Eczema etc

3) Biomechanical pathologies
-Pathological flat foot (Pes Planus)
-High arch foot (Pes Cavus)
-Sports injuries in the foot
-Heel pain e.g. Planter fasciitis
-Foot pain
-Paediatric foot conditions
-Hallux valgus
-Tailors bunions
-Toe deformities e.g. claw toes, hammer toes, retracted toes, trigger 1st toe and etc

Our Major Clientele

Our clients range from children to elderly. Some of our clients suffer from chronic illnesses eg. Diabetes, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, etc, and requires specialized foot care.

How to become a Podiatrist?

To become a podiatrist, they need to finish university undergraduate degree course and complete all professional examinations and clinical training as well as obtain state registration. Currently there is no recognized training school in Hong Kong, all members received their qualification overseas, e.g UK, Australia, United States, Canada, etc.

How to find a Podiatrist in Hong Kong?

Podiatrist is the only allied health profession specialized in foot health recognized by the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong. If you would like to consult Hospital Authority Podiatrists, you would require a doctor’s referral to access podiatrists. The Hospital Authority enquiry hotline is 23006555.

To seek private Podiatry services, you can directly consult them. If you need assistance to find a qualified podiatrists, you can contact our association at 61129292 or visit our webpage for details.